dear matt,

thanks for sharing all of this. super thoughtful stuff.

one additional nugget about how "being an alpha" actually shows up in the animal kingdom:

"Alphas also have jobs. The top male holds responsibility for protecting others in the cohort from predators or other males attempting to take control of the group. To do so effectively, he needs backup from subordinate males, whom he should be on good terms with. “It’s in his best interest to keep those males close and have good social relationships,” Jack says."

being an alpha isn't about dominating everyone around you. it's about developing a good rapport. being likable. being someone that people WANT to be their leader. governing by love, not fear.

(from this article: https://www.discovermagazine.com/planet-earth/the-science-of-alpha-males-in-animal-species)

thanks for sharing, matt! i appreciate you.



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"Ubuntu". What a beautiful philosophy... a wave of goosebumps spread over just as I was reading the word (must be pretty good stuff, that usually only happens when I listen to amazing music like Simon & Garfunkel).

And idc what anyone says about JBP... dude is awesome! I've lived by Rule 12 way before reading his book(s). He does cry a lot, but people who feel deeply always do. Now if only I could keep my room clean...

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