I'm sick of morning people propaganda. Some of us thrive in darkness and are tired of being night shamed for it.
More on the SVB blowup, the ultimate gift to bring to any house party, the algorithm as our new god, Socrates, how the finance world is Orwellian, …
No one's fooled by their Gordon Gekko in Allbirds shtick anymore.
The easily offended and the anti-woke crowd both miss the point.
Revelations from a night on ayahuasca (aka spiritual GPS).
On ChatGPT, Bing AI, and our ongoing naiveté about the future.
Also: The real problem with social media? It was built by dorks with no social skills. Of course it broke bad. | Plus: Thoughts about horseshoe theory…
Our masculinity crisis and the last men standing.
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The Rubesletter • by Matt Ruby (Vooza)