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Rude. Honest. Funny. Smart. In this weekly newsletter, NYC comedian/writer Matt Ruby dives deep on comedy, tech, politics, art, spirituality, pop culture, and more. If you enjoy nuanced takes, don't get offended easily, & hate BS, sign up. New issues every Tuesday.

“Matt Ruby is hilarious. I often share his writing because his essays on society remind me of Mark Twain. Well, if Mark Twain was a hipster Gen X liberal Jewish New Yorker.”
-Yvonne Thomas

“Comedian Matt Ruby's newsletter isn’t just a fun read, it’s also packed with interesting perspectives on everything from the creative process to culture.”
-Josh Spector

“Matt’s writing is poignant, funny and pertinent in equal measures. I just love how he manages to walk the line between oh-god-we’re-all-doomed and actually life can be funny and positive. It’s crucial to embrace and understand what’s wrong in order to look ahead, and Matt delivers it so pithily.” 
-Jonathan Moore

"Re: comedy blogs, at the top of the heap is Matt Ruby’s Rubesletter. Insightful, focused, and full of clever, analytical thought, I try to catch it every week."
-Matt Levy

“Matt is a great writer.”
-Jason Fried

“Matt Ruby is a clear-eyed observer of American culture (and American ‘culture’) and a very good writer. If you want to be more like me, subscribe to his newsletter.”
-Mike Lebovitz

“Your newsletter is blowing me away. Always a 'must read' for me to get a chuckle, and occasionally a tear.“
-Blaine Mathieu

“It is the best emailed comedy newsletter coming from anyone today. You continue to be a wicked smart comedic inspiration in a sea of the bland and predictable.”
-Robert Bostick

“Beyond comedy and political/social satire; an engaging storyteller.”
-Jim Palam

“You need to write a book, Matt.”
-Bryan Lhuillier

“This is the best email I have ever received.”

“Thought provoking but also light and funny.”
-Steve Pestana

“I really look forward to my Rubesletters! They are all jammed packed with so much incredible insights and humor.”
-Maribeth Mooney

And in the meanwhile, here’s a taste of my standup comedy:

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