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Smartfunny™️ words from Matt Ruby, standup comedian, writer, and filmmaker. 

Here’s some stuff to make you think I matter…

  • Rubesletter: Over 15,000 subscribers

  • Comedy specials: 2 standup specials on YouTube

  • Albums: 2 standup albums (top 10 at iTunes, regular rotation at SiriusXM)

  • TV: Filmed by Comedy Central, MTV, NBC/Seeso, and FOX

  • Press: NY Times, CNN, New York magazine, Time Out, Huffington Post, and more

  • Filmmaker: Creator of Vooza web series (millions of views)

  • Music: Former frontman for indie rock band Plastics Hi-Fi

  • Book: Co-author of the NY Times bestseller REWORK 

In this weekly newsletter, I deep dive on comedy, tech, mindfulness, culture, and creativity. If you enjoy nuanced takes, don't get offended easily, & hate BS, sign up. New issues every Tuesday.

Influences: Howard Stern, Leonard Cohen, George Carlin, & Alan Watts
Topics: Comedy, tech, art, zen, mindfulness, etc.
Politics: Anti-the-crazies on both sides
Gen: X
Milk: Almond (original unsweetened)

Praise for previous Rubesletters:

“Smart, unpredictable, intellectually intrepid. Bravo.”
-Jason Zinoman, NY Times 

”Enjoyed this.”
-Bill Simmons, The Ringer

-Judd Apatow, Director

“Love this!”
-Gary Gulman, Comedian

“Matt is a great writer.”
-Jason Fried, Founder, 37signals

“A LOT of great stuff.”
-Jesse David Fox, Vulture

“The best emailed comedy newsletter coming from anyone today." 
-Robert Bostick, CEO, HumorPoint

“A fun read packed with interesting perspectives on everything from the creative process to culture.”
-Josh Spector, For The Interested

Here’s a taste of my standup comedy:

Contact me via email at mattruby@hey.com.

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Topics: Comedy, tech, art, zen, mindfulness, etc 🧘 Influences: Howard Stern, Leonard Cohen, George Carlin, Alan Watts 🧠 Work: Comedian/writer/filmmaker 🎬 Politics: Anti-crazy 📚 Gen: X 🤘 Milk: Almond original unsweetened 🥛


Comedian/writer/filmmaker. Creator of Vooza. NYC.